Frequently asked questions

What is the WNCUSBC’s association number?


What are the WNCUSBC’s rates per sanction card?

Regular membership - $22.00
Senior - $20.00
Adult Basic - $10.00
for short season leagues 16 weeks or less, state tournaments typically require an additional $1.00 in dues
**This must be after a league vote and in the league’s bylaws** Out Of State - $9.00 ($8.00 local dues + $1.00 state dues)

How should league secretaries make out sanction fee checks?

"WNCUSBC" The best practice is to collect league members fees then issuing one check for all sanction fees and applications sending it to the following address: Pat Cole c/o WNCUSBC Sanction Fees
15 Dixon Terrace
Candler, N.C. 28715

Who do you send completed USBC honor score forms to?

Pat Cole c/o WNCUSBC Honor Scores
15 Dixon Terrace
Candler, N.C. 28715

Where do you send completed local award forms?

Contact your center’s House Director or House Representative.

How do I contact USBC national headquarters?

If you have reasons to contact USBC headquarters in Arlington, TX you can call 1-800-514-2695. USBC’s website is which includes many areas of interest that may answer your question(s).